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Tac Amplifier Tactical Enhanced Hearing Aid

  • Powerful and easy to use adjustable volume boost
  • Discreet, comfortable design
  • Gives you a tactical advantage in the field
  • Helps you hear better in a noisy room
  • Lets you enjoy TV at the right volume for everyone





Simply put the Tac Amplifier in your ear for sophisticated hearing. Dial the amplifier to find the best level. It is so discreet and comfy, nobody will ever realize you are using it. Go back to enjoy watching TV without struggling to hear or turning the volume way up. it’s perfect for any kind of situation!

Crucial Features of the Tac Amplifier

Effective as well as very easy to use the flexible volume boost
Discreet, comfy layout
Assists you in hearing better in a noisy area
Allows you take pleasure in TV at an appropriate volume level

You can dial it all the way up if need be. Tac Amplifier hearing can be even far better than typical hearing. It is so very discreet, nobody will also know you’re using it.

Now, you can listen to lectures as well as sermons at a volume that works best for you. And when you’re someplace with a great deal of background sound, Tac Amplifier hearing is even better than typical hearing. Tired of people complaining because you have the volume of the TV too loud? With the Tac Amp, you can turn the TV down.



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